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Jenny Bitner Consulting Testimonials


"Working with Jenny was the BEST experience in a corporate setting I’ve ever had. Her ability to create a fun, engaging, positive, and productive environment was second to none. Jenny was naturally able to create the most wonderful culture for our staff where we all felt cared for and valued both individually and as a team, making work, sales, and other operations of the business FUN! 


She was always eager to celebrate our wins and always ready and willing to provide extra care when we needed it - both personally and in business helping us feel seen, heard, supported and valued. And our numbers/profitability showed it, always hitting and surpassing our goals month to month, year after year. I  would 100% work with Jenny

again and again and again."

Corporate Manager Feedback​

"I've known Jenny for almost a decade now. Leading back to our days working together at GoodLife. I knew INSTANTLY that she would be one to follow. Her leadership, mentorship and sales skills are truly unmatched. Jenny has this innate ability to always see not only that the cup is half full, but it's REFILLABLE!


Her passion for leading and helping others build their businesses is evident in her work, in her words, and in her success. Jen motivates the people around her to a higher level of performance through her ability to create and maintain strong human relations. When working with Jenny get ready to level up, to face some tough inner work, and GROW as an individual and as a business owner."

Cheryl, Former Associate

"Jenny has a gift for bringing people together and putting all the players in their best places which helped us leverage each other's talents. I appreciate how she always encouraged me to take the lead when I had moments with our executive and management teams. She was the key person who helped me attain the position of General Manager within six months. Her focus was to push our team toward our biggest accomplishments each month. She set a culture at work to win from day one!


I can say that her impact can be felt in my career now as I leverage the knowledge, and skills and now share them with my teams and people. Jenny is powerful, memorable and remarkable with her words. She instilled within me the ability to see the vision and create it at every stage of my career. I'm forever thankful for the many moments and memories I have had working with Jenny."

Former Associate & Beautiful Protégé

“Jennifer, thank you for the outstanding virtual presentation you held at Foresters. Given the challenges and uncertain times we are facing, your Stress Detox session was very timely. It was so inspiring to hear about your own journey with severe anxiety & panic disorder. I believe we can all benefit immediately from all the “secrets” you shared with us. I really appreciate how you provided simple, manageable steps with each topic. I left feeling like I got this! Your high energy and enthusiasm kept me engaged in what you were saying – I couldn’t believe how fast that hour went by.”

Bella Valente, Foresters Financial 

“Jennifer’s talk was in response to a need for more education on mental health and self-care during times of stress. Listening to her story and lessons on mind fitness gave my team a new perspective going forward and tangible tools to live healthier and happier lives.“

Elizabeth G, Health & Wellness Committee Leader

"Jennifer gave my brain a WORK-OUT! She was presenting to my entire department but honestly, it felt like she was just talking to me. I definitely recommend Jenny to anyone looking to get their associates more engaged, and therefore more productive!

Alida M, Corporate Wellness Attendee

"You are so truly amazing! You are extremely gifted and I am so grateful for our session! You took so much weight off of my shoulders and I feel like there is hope and can can breathe again! I can't even drive yet LOL because I'm so emotional and I'm so excited for the things to come!!! The only thing I can say is wow!!!!!! Thank you so much!"

In-person VIP day client

"GirlIIII! You're rocking my biz world! You're activating sparks of magnificence within I wasn't even aware of! Thank you for your love support and unlimited downloads on what next steps I should be taking towards my freedom! I was so lost without you!"

Business Training Program

"Wow, Jennifer!!! You are truly an inspiration and always a breath of fresh air!! How blessed are we all to have such an amazing woman in our corner!"

Business Training Program

"Thank you so much for today! I can't begin to describe how much I'm learning (and growing) thanks to you! I'm feeling so pumped and energized about restarting and growing my biz. It truly has been a life changing experience working with you!"

Business Training Program

"OMG this was amazing! And it was spot on for me!! When I took the strengths assessment, I didn't dive deeper into what each one meant, but it really describes me to a T!! Thank you so much!!!"

Private Client

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