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Jenny Bitner Consulting

The Best Trained Team Wins™ 
Monthly Retainer

Prepare to witness skills that stick like never before!

ALL ACCESS VOICE MESSAGING: For the CEO or The Team. It's a Coach in your back pocket, 24/7 in real-time (no booking appointments weeks in advance or waiting days to get something off your chest). Get expert 1:1 executive coaching with Jenny through a voice messaging app on your smartphone. It's like calling your BFF when you need to vent (but with a trained pro)! Everything from diffusing situations to effective communication, sound boarding, and everything in between. Hyperspeed results when you have space to clear your Mind.


To start our time together we will meet with the leadership team. We start from the top-down.

I assess the current work structure and identify some opportunities to bridge the gap between profit and play so we can increase both the bottom line and team happiness (which of course leads to retention, higher productivity and engagement, therefore boosting that net growth!).

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Then, I will be meeting with your greater team. I will run weekly team training on productivity, healthy and effective communication, sales, my signature methodology, Mind Miracles and of course your own systems. I will also get a deeper insight into the current temperature of the engagement level and opportunities for growth.

Jenny Bitner Consulting

So, let's talk about what THIS holds for YOUR company.

This is the sweet spot where Profit Meets Play™ Where we focus on the heartbeat of the company, your team! Monthly retainer options can include: All Access Voxer Coaching, Weekly Team Training (Virtual 1 hour), In-Person VIP Events, Hiring, Training, On-Boarding. All packages are custom based on your needs. Starting at $2997/month. Minimum 3 month retainer.  

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