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Jenny Bitner Consulting


Prepare to witness your team become your greatest asset

I am Jenny Bitner, the music maker and dreamer of dreams, just like Willy Wonka once said. Today, I hold in my hands what I consider the GOLDEN TICKET for your company, seamlessly merging the realms of PROFIT MEETS PLAY™.

Jenny Bitner - Motivational Training

Allow me to ask you a question: Have you ever been a kid or do you have kids of your own? It's safe to assume you belong to one of these categories and share in the sentiment I'm about to share.

For the last 3 straight months, I've witnessed the enchantment as my two daughters watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on loop during our long road trips (and we have many long road trips!).

The true magic of the movie lies in the idea that kids yearn for a chance to experience an ultimate realm of fun—an imaginative world brimming with awe and delight.


Imagine a place where everyone loves what they do, excels at it, and joyfully collaborates. A place where work and play harmonize seamlessly, resulting in both happiness and substantial financial success. This concept of Profit Meets Play™ holds an undeniable allure, and the secret I've uncovered is that I've managed to tap into this harmonious sweet spot.

Jenny Bitner Consulting

So, let's delve into what THIS holds for YOUR company.

I have a handful of GOLDEN TICKETS available for qualified companies. This ticket is redeemable for a chance to experience my Motivational Training with NO-STRINGS attached! That's right, if your company qualifies, we will get a chance to work together at no obligation. 

You might be wondering, "Jenny, this sounds intriguing, but what's the catch?"

Here's the scoop:


I am extending an offer to personally guide and teach your team in a way that transforms your content—whether it's your latest product launch, scripts and systems, or even your company culture—into a wildly enjoyable learning experience. 


I call this the TEACH-BACK METHOD (and it’s my claim to fame).

Jenny Bitner Motivational Training

Could you see how the frequency of fun helps work get done? Skills stick when they’re taught in a way that is educational, engaging and entertaining.


Are you ready for a remarkable transformation within your organization? I am eager to lead your team on a journey of reconnection, relearning, and renewed enthusiasm. Even the seemingly mundane topics like compliance and health & safety can be infused with excitement through my Signature System, THE TEACH-BACK METHOD.


I'm not just a Trainer; I'm a game-changer. With my unparalleled expertise, I'll infuse life, energy, and genuine enjoyment into your team's work. Complex subjects will become easy to digest. Boring meetings become activated.

Jenny Bitner Consulting

Here's the unbeatable part: I'm offering you an exclusive opportunity to join me for a FREE 3-hour Zoom session upfront. That's right – experience my groundbreaking methods firsthand, without any initial obligations. During this exclusive session, I'll unveil the brilliance of my TEACH BACK approach.


Now, let's imagine a workplace where fun is not just a word but a way of life. By injecting vibrancy and excitement into your organization, you're not only rekindling the spirit but also ensuring remarkable employee retention rates. Top talents thrive in an environment that radiates positivity, playfulness, and, of course, profitability.

Here's my vision for what I can bring to YOU!

I stand firmly by the principle of offering value before seeking transactions. That's why I'm extending this exclusive invitation for a FREE 3-hour Zoom deep- dive session, valued at $3,000, with absolutely no upfront commitments. This immersive experience is your chance to witness firsthand how PROFIT MEETS PLAY™ can revolutionize your business. If you love what I do, we can explore what comes next. 

Curious about what the 3-hour Zoom session might entail? Here's a sneak peek:

1. Teach-Back: You provide me with your specific system, script, product launch or topic that your team needs to nail, and I’ll teach it back in my own way that makes it fun, simple and sticky! 


2. Sales with Soul: Discover my 7 secrets to smooth sales that leave your high-performance, goal-oriented team with confidence, clarity and connection to close prospective clients. 


3. Boosting Productivity: I'll share my top 3 productivity hacks that enhance output, conserve energy, and prioritize mental well-being. Let's equip your team with the tools to succeed while harmonizing work-life demands.

Jenny Bitner Consulting

Now, let's talk logistics:

Duration: The session will last for 3 hours on Zoom.

Dates: This immersive experience is set for Q1 2024.

Investment: I'm waiving the $3,000 team training fee, extending this opportunity to you at no cost, as an expression of my belief in your company.

To see if your company qualifies, book a discovery call here:

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