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Jenny Bitner
Jenny Bitner

With her expertise in high-performance and goal-oriented businesses, Jenny has helped numerous companies ignite their inner circle leadership, boost morale, get Mind Fit, increase productivity and build strong teams that last (...and love what they do).

She teaches team coherence through the frequency of FUN and her Spiritual embodiment around the Power of the Mind and merging Soul & Strategy into success. Her unique approach is what sets her apart in the industry and has been the foundation for her launching multiple 6-figure businesses from concept to cash flow. Ready to ignite your team to the next level? 


In the current business landscape, it's imperative we focus on the heartbeat of our company. 


Happy, healthy and engaged teams, mean healthy profits for you.

Jenny Bitner Consulting
Jenny Bitner Consulting


Jenny offers a range of services to help your business create a fun and engaging work environment, so your team becomes an extension of your vision and mission.

From memorable retreats, events, workshops, leadership & development, to training and executive coaching. Her services are designed to make 'working' something to look forward to! Jenny believes the best trained team wins, and YOUR company is here to win.


"Working with Jenny was the BEST experience in a corporate setting I’ve ever had. Her ability to create a fun, engaging, positive, and productive environment was second to none. Jenny was naturally able to create the most wonderful culture for our staff where we all felt cared for and valued both individually and as a team, making work, sales, and other operations of the business FUN!"

- Erin H. Corporate Manager

Jenny Bitner Consulting
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